Last updated - 25.04.2024
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Project Info

Ciudad Ciencia

The Spanish National Research Council [CSIC]

Ilustrations. Miguel Camprubí
Motion Graphics. Miguel Abio
Copy. Verónica Espinosa

We want to bring science closer to people from any town, people of all ages, with the most varied professions and occupations, many of them alien to scientific activity... but not to science.

We want them to know that science is not something far away, but that, in fact, it is part of their lives. And this approach can only be carried out by finding common ground, exploring everything that unites us with our audiences: curiosity, interests, cultural and social traits that we share. And, of course, the way we express ourselves.

There's no science in making science understandable and fun! We just talk about it the way you would do it.

Are you up for it?