Last updated - 22.11.2023
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Between river and rails

Between river and rails

Centro Centro. Madrid Destino

Curator. Graziella Trovato
Furniture development. Chalkhodesign

Between River and Rails is an invitation to a space-time journey through the city of Madrid and its successive transformations along the Green Railway Corridor, on what were once the terraces of the Manzanares river. This area, which stretches for some 8 km between the stations of Príncipe Pío and Atocha, now has the opportunity to become a natural extension of the Madrid Río Park.

To show that this is so, the exhibition brings together more than 1000 images, plastic works from archives and documentary collections, audiovisual material and original urban photography unearthed by this research project that explores the effects of the rise and fall of industrialisation from a contemporary, post-industrial perspective and the need to re-naturalise.